With significant achievements in its areas of expertise, as well as successful representations and outcomes for their clients, Koernke & Crampton has created a reputation as a premier selection by both clients and referring attorneys. Koernke & Crampton's experience in the State and Federal courts enables them to provide highly effective representation and counsel for clients and corporations. 

Among the matters for which Koernke & Crampton lawyers have successfully represented clients in contract disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, securities litigation, anti-trust/unfair competition lawsuits, trade secret litigation, and a wide range of other business torts.  Koernke & Crampton lawyers couple "big firm" expertise with "small firm" efficiency and flexibility to provide their clients with high quality, lower-cost representation.

Koernke & Crampton provides a broad range of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services.  Recognized by US News & World Report as a top tier firm in ADR, the specialists at Koernke & Crampton can provide a variety of ADR services in a number of specialty areas ranging from general commercial disputes, to probate and intellectual property disputes.

Companies are realizing that intellectual property assets are some of their most valuable assets and are increasingly important to a company’s growth and ability to compete in the ever-expanding marketplace. Koernke & Crampton has extensive experience in all types of intellectual property matters, having assisted numerous companies and intellectual property owners in intellectual property disputes, the obtaining and protecting of intellectual property rights, and licensing of intellectual property.

Koernke & Crampton recognizes that people get into situations they regret. Whether those situations arise from intentional wrongdoing, oversight, substance abuse, or neglect, they can have devastating consequences, both direct and collateral.  Koernke & Crampton takes a two-pronged approach to criminal defense that emphasizes requiring the prosecution to meet its high burden of proof, while also helping clients recognize as well as address the root causes of the behavior that may have gotten them into trouble.

Koernke & Crampton has extensive experience in all types of probate litigation, having assisted trustees, personal representatives, guardians, conservators, fiduciaries and beneficiary resolve probate disputes.  Once a rarity, probate disputes are becoming more and more common in our aging society.  Koernke & Crampton clients are served by experienced litigators who assist clients in seeking amicable resolution to disputes or, when negotiations prove unsuccessful, aggressively pursuing clients' rights in court.