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What happens after a drunk driving crash?

| Oct 11, 2021 | OWI

Some people who are facing drunk driving charges are doing so because they were stopped by a law enforcement officer who saw signs of impairment; others were involved in a crash. Being involved in a drunk driving crash can set off a long string of legal matters for the person accused of being impaired. 

When this occurs, you’re most certainly going to face a criminal case for drunk driving. There’s also the possibility of you facing a civil case if someone was injured or property was damaged. These two cases aren’t dependent upon each other. 

Why can you face two cases?

The criminal case is meant to determine whether you need to face punishments for drunk driving. The civil case enables the victims to pursue a claim for compensation related to the damages stemming from the crash. Both cases can result in considerable financial responsibility, which can negatively impact your life. 

The criminal and civil cases are completely independent. It’s possible to be found guilty of drunk driving without being held responsible for damages in a criminal case. The opposite is also true. Because of the differences in these cases, it’s imperative that you prepare for each case as thoroughly as possible. 

Anyone who’s been involved in a crash and is accused of being impaired should learn their options for their defense. Remember that this might involve more than one court case, so you’ll have to be prepared for each one. Take care of this quickly, so you aren’t trying to rush to get everything handled.