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Are breath and blood tests really accurate?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | OWI

It’s not unusual for someone to have a few drinks before heading home after a long day at work or taking a break on the weekend to drink with some friends. However, a problem may arise if the authorities pull you over. 

If this happens, you may find you are facing drunk driving charges, which have serious consequences. You may lose your job and your license and face significant fines. 

Accuracy of breath and blood tests

Because of the huge impace an OWI charge can have on your life; it’s important to know your rights, including how accurate blood and breath tests are. 

One thing worth noting is that breath and blood testing are complex. The person administering the tests must know how to work the equipment used for them and ensure they are properly calibrated. During an OWI stop, there are a few different types of tests that the authorities may use, such as field sobriety tests, gas chromatography and infrared spectrometry breath testing. 

Even if the tests come back with results that show you are driving impaired, there could be questions about how accurate they are. It depends on the circumstances of the traffic stop. In some cases, with professional help, you may be able to have the results of these tests removed as evidence against you, which would give you a better chance of beating an OWI charge. 

Protecting your rights when charged with OWI

If you face OWI charges and breath or blood tests play a role in the charges, it’s good to learn about your rights. Doing so will help you know what options you have to beat these charges, which will also help you avoid the potential penalties that come with a conviction.