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Understanding Michigan embezzlement laws

Embezzlement is more than just simple theft. It’s taking advantage of your position of trust to steal or misappropriate funds or property that do not legally belong to you. If you are facing embezzlement charges, it is important to be aware of what the law says and...

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Are breath and blood tests really accurate?

It’s not unusual for someone to have a few drinks before heading home after a long day at work or taking a break on the weekend to drink with some friends. However, a problem may arise if the authorities pull you over.  If this happens, you may find you are facing...

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Are sobriety checkpoints legal in Michigan?

Summer celebration season is just around the corner and law enforcement officials want to make sure you celebrate safely. This is why you will see sobriety checkpoints from time to time throughout the country. The police will close down a roadway in order to chat with...

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