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Richard Gaffin

Intellectual Property Litigation and Counseling

Companies are realizing that intellectual property assets are some of their most valuable assets and are increasingly important to a company’s growth and ability to compete in the ever-expanding marketplace. Koernke & Crampton has extensive experience in all types of intellectual property matters, having assisted numerous companies and intellectual property owners in intellectual property disputes, the obtaining and protecting of intellectual property rights, and licensing of intellectual property.

Koernke & Crampton represents clients in the enforcement and defense of intellectual property rights throughout the United States.  It has represented intellectual property owners and those accused of intellectual property infringement in patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret matters as well as licensing disputes involving intellectual property rights.  Koernke & Crampton has successfully litigated on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in patent, trademark and copyright matters before juries and judges and in arbitration hearings in the United States and overseas.  We often are successful in resolving these disputes short of trial in a manner that achieves our client’s business objectives.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we give primary importance to achieving our client’s business goals in enforcing or defending against a claim of intellectual property infringement and that the best solutions often times involve a resolution other than a trial.

The protection of a company’s intellectual property assets is of increasing importance in the world market.  Our experience allows us to advise our clients on the tools available to protect their developments and inventions and how to identify and protect those developments in a cost effective manner.  We are able to advise our clients on all aspects of intellectual property protection including patents, trademarks and copyrights as well as how to best protect a company’s valuable trade secret and proprietary information and have done so for companies and entrepreneurs of all sizes.  We also advise our clients on steps they can take to avoid encroaching upon the rights of competitors so as to avoid future claims of infringement.