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3 career consequence you could face for pleading guilty to an OWI

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | OWI

Michigan has some of the most famous microbreweries in the world. In fact, some of these local beer brewing companies and liquor distilleries have become so well-known and successful that you can hardly call them microbreweries anymore.

Whether you went out to try ice wine harvested from last year’s grapes, hard cider made from Michigan apples or one of hundreds of incredible beers made right here in the Great Lakes State, driving home after a few drinks could lead to legal complications.

Issues with inaccurate chemical tests or your own struggle to determine your level of impairment might lead to operating while intoxicated (OWI) charges. While an OWI is a non-violent offense that may not have hurt anyone, it could still have multiple disastrous implications for your career.

  1. Court or jail time could cost you your current job

For those with a professional career, a weekend arrest for an OWI won’t necessarily disrupt their schedule. However, when they have to attend court later or face incarceration because of a guilty plea or conviction, the lost time at work might mean losing out on their job.

Even if their employer would not take disciplinary action against them simply for a conviction, missing multiple days of work can be enough to sour the relationship between a worker and their employer.

  1. A conviction might mean the loss of your professional license

Obviously, if you drive for a living, an impaired driving offense could affect your commercial license. However, it isn’t just those who drive for their job who could lose their professional licensing. Criminal convictions, especially if the offense occurred while you were on the job, could affect your professional licensing through a state board.

The board that manages your profession could either discover the conviction when you go to renew your license or receive a report, possibly by an anonymous co-worker, about your charges or convictions. You can face disciplinary action up to and including the loss of your professional license because of an OWI offense.

  1. A criminal record will affect your professional trajectory

If you hope to secure a promotion or move on to a bigger company with better-paying jobs, having even a misdemeanor offense on your criminal record can limit your opportunities. Most companies will perform background checks both for initial hiring decisions and promotion decisions.

Your conviction may not necessarily prevent you from getting a job, but it may make you less competitive for the best positions you might otherwise qualify for. These consequences are, of course, in addition to the possible penalties and costs associated with an OWI conviction.

Defending yourself against pending charges and avoiding a conviction could also help you avoid all of the negative impact of a conviction on your life.