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Is another business using your logo or your slogan?

| Aug 30, 2021 | Intellectual Property Litigation

Your company’s brand is what helps differentiate it from the competition. Customers who have used your goods or services in the past may become repeat customers and could even recommend your business to others. 

Your company’s name, logo, packaging, and slogan can all help new and returning customers identify your business. Unfortunately, some of your competitors might try to piggyback on your success by usurping it for their benefit. Can you take legal action against a company that has started to use your company’s logo, slogan or other unique brand identifiers?

Intellectual property laws protect your business investment

The United States has many different forms of intellectual property protection. You have the right to trademark your logo or obtain a copyright on any unique creation published by your company. 

Most business owners protect their intellectual property by registering it with the government. You can obtain certain kinds of copyright or trademark protection by completing very little paperwork and paying an upfront fee. However, your company does not have to take those steps to take legal action against the other party for intellectual property infringement. 

You can serve a cease-and-desist notice to the business or individual using your logo or other intellectual property. You may want to consider bringing an intellectual property lawsuit against the other party if they don’t immediately cease the violation or if they appear to have profited off your company’s losses. 

Knowing how intellectual property laws work will make it easier for you to stand up to the party you allege violated your rights.