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Jeffery S. Crampton


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When he was fresh out of college, Jeff got pulled over running a red light.  The officer said he had sped up to make it through the yellow, but Jeff knew that was wrong.  So, he fought it.  He lost the informal hearing and got a lecture from the judge, telling him that “there are rivers of blood from people trying to beat red lights.”  So he appealed and requested a formal hearing.  20-year-old Jeff went up against the county prosecutor and argued that his word was just as good as the officer’s word and that there was no reason not to believe him over the officer.  To his astonishment, he won.  The court agreed that the burden was on the government and that it was a 50/50 case, so the government did not carry its burden.

Jeff never forgot that lesson.  It fueled his desire to be an advocate for others who might need help standing up for what’s right.  He has always been willing to stand up for what he thinks is right.  He probably gets that from his mom.  While he was growing up, all his friends called her the Social Statue of Liberty.  You know, “Bring me your tired, your poor … the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”  Jeff’s mom was always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it.  She passed this trait – empathy – down to Jeff and he incorporates it in his practice every day.

Relentlessly fighting for your rights without judging you.  Working with you holistically to make sure you don’t need to call him twice.  Diving in headfirst to help keep you afloat.  Those are the traits of a proven winner.  If you’re struggling upstream, give Jeff a call.