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Strong Defense For Damaging Charges

People do bad things, make poor decisions or otherwise find themselves in bad situations. This is not because they are bad people; but because they are human beings. At Grand Law, we are not here to judge you or give you a lecture on your behavior, we are here to fight aggressively to minimize your exposure to criminal consequences and protect your future.

Led by attorney Jeffery Crampton, our firm works diligently to out-prepare the prosecution and build a strong case based on the evidence. In cases where scientific evidence is involved, we make a point to understand the foundation of the evidence, consult with experts in the field and force the government to prove that the evidence is reliable and credible. By aggressively holding the prosecution to its burden, we are able to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

The Defense You Need When Everything Is On The Line

Being convicted of a crime can have repercussions that go far beyond the fines that are levied or the prison sentence imposed. Having a criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your life, limiting your opportunities for employment and housing. At Grand Law, we offer a proven defense against a variety of damaging charges, including:
  • Operating while intoxicated (OWI): As tempting as it may be to pay the fine and move on, your money will be better spent by making the prosecution earn theirs. Having an OWI conviction on your record (which can never be expunged) can lead to increased insurance rates and issues with background checks that are far more costly than the one-time fine. Attorney Crampton literally wrote the book on the critical issue of breath and blood testing in Michigan OWI cases.
  • Sexually based offenses: The label of registered “sex offender” will not look good on you. We will fight aggressively to protect your rights, your good name and your future from the catastrophic consequences of a conviction for date rape or a similar sex crime. This is true in criminal courts as well as on college campuses with Title IX inquiries. Both can be devastating, and you need our expertise to fight hard for you
  • White collar offenses: Charges such as embezzlement or fraud are highly damaging because a conviction will undercut your ability to find a job, make a living or provide for your family. Investing in your defense is the right move for protecting your future.

Along with fighting for you, we always ask the question, “How did we get here?” We address  this critical question by getting to know our clients as people and taking steps to get them help with substance abuse or other issues that led to the offense. We treat our cases holistically because we care just as much about your longterm future as we do about resolving the legal issues currently before you.

Get The Help You Need Today

You cannot talk your way out of criminal charges, but you can talk to a skilled defense lawyer about getting the best possible outcome. Call 616-458-7900 to schedule your consultation.