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Navigating Complex Estate Challenges

Once a rarity, probate disputes are becoming more and more common in our aging society. At Grand Law, attorney Richard Samdal has extensive experience in all types of probate litigation, having assisted trustees, personal representatives, guardians, conservators, fiduciaries and beneficiaries resolve probate disputes.Grand Law clients are served by experienced litigators who assist clients in seeking an amicable resolution to disputes or, when negotiations prove unsuccessful, aggressively pursuing clients’ rights in court.

Trust Administration Disputes

Grand Law provides clients with a broad range of services relating to contested trust administration. These services include advising fiduciaries and beneficiaries on the various duties and rights of parties interested in living and testamentary trusts, as well as contesting claims in litigation.

Will And Trust Contests

Aging baby boomers coupled with a more litigious society have resulted in a significant increase in suits contesting the validity of estate planning documents, including wills and trusts. Grand Law offers experienced counsel to parties litigating issues regarding the validity of estate plan documents, including claims questioning a testator’s capacity, charges of undue influence, breaches of fiduciary duty and interpretation of the documents themselves. Our attorneys have tried cases successfully not only in counties throughout the state of Michigan, but also in Utah, Florida and Wyoming.

Contested Guardianship And Conservatorship

A guardianship or conservatorship frequently can be the ideal answer to the question of how to care for someone whose physical or mental disability leaves them unable to manage their personal or financial affairs. At Grand Law, we help families, fiduciaries and the subject of protective proceedings navigate the frequently complicated, and always emotional, waters of protective proceedings.

Let Us Uphold Last Wishes

When someone creates an estate plan, they go through a lot of effort to put their wishes into legal documents they can count on. Let us be the ones to help you protect those wishes and the effort to create them.

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