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A Committed Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

The consequences of a sex crime are unique compared to other criminal charges. The consequences of a sex crime can begin as early as being accused, damaging your reputation. In order to defend yourself from these charges, you want to be sure that your attorney is building the strongest possible defense for you.

At Grand Law, attorney Jeff Crampton represents clients facing sex crime charges. Jeff’s reputation for aggressively defending clients facing these charges has resulted in lawyers across West Michigan trusting him with their referrals. Not only does he understand the unique factors involved in sex crime cases, Jeff Crampton is also a founding board member of the Youthful Sex Offender Treatment Program, which was developed to correct behaviors in young adults while giving them a chance to stay off the Sex Offender Registry. We have extensive experience in all types of cases, we know where to get you help, and we know what it takes to defend your rights, freedom and reputation.

Our Experience Can Work For You

Sex crimes charges are not as always as black and white as people expect them to be. We take the time to understand all of the details of your unique situation in order to best protect you from the draconian penalties of these charges. We understand the techniques investigators use to force false confessions from people. And we know that law enforcement often makes up its mind first, and then looks only for evidence supporting its theory. We don’t let them get away with that.

We also know that sometimes, young adults make bad decisions and need help. In Kent County, we helped create a pilot program called the Youth Sex Offender Treatment Program, which helps young adults who get involved with these kinds of charges to stay off the sex offender registry by getting treatment. If situations permit it, we work to reduce possible charges in exchange for enrollment in the program in hopes of completely avoiding sex offender registration.

Through negotiation, we also look to pursue ways of avoiding a court placing you on the sex offender registry. But we also understand that you have to negotiate from a position of strength, which means a willingness to go to trial if necessary. If negotiations cannot bring us to a desirable outcome, we are more than willing to pursue your best possible defense through litigation.

Title IX Cases

College campuses often bring sex offense cases on much less evidence than would be needed by a prosecutor. And, although not criminal offenses, the consequences of being kicked out of college on the basis of someone’s word against yours is daunting and can have farreaching effects, including your ability to enroll in a new college. We understand Title IX cases. We have successfully defended them, even though the standards are lower than they are in criminal cases. If you are facing a college sex allegation, we have the expertise to help.

Do Not Take Chances With Your Future

Officers or other sources may try to convince you that getting an attorney is a sign of guilt in sex crime situations. Do not let someone trick you into leaving yourself vulnerable or jeopardizing your future with such statements.

Let us fight to defend you with our committed and compassionate team. You can schedule your initial consultation with our Michigan attorneys at our office in Grand Rapids by calling us at 616-458-7900 or emailing us today.