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White-collar Crime

What is check kiting?

It’s imperative that people only write checks if they have the funds in the bank to cover the check. Some people try to get around the system by floating checks. While it might seem like it is a clever way to get the money they need, it’s a form of fraud that’s...

What are kickbacks and why are they illegal?

When many people hear the term “kickback,” they think of a builder handing envelopes full of cash to a corrupt politician in exchange for awarding them a lucrative contract. Indeed, kickbacks are illegal payments in exchange for some type of preferential treatment or...

Money laundering: Masking illegally earned money

People who are involved in illegal activities may have to make it appear that the money they’re earning is coming from a legitimate source. The process of doing this is known as money laundering. Unfortunately, the prevalence of money laundering can make innocent...