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Why would someone lie about a sexual encounter?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Firm News

The police inform you that they’re investigating you for an alleged sexual encounter that happened while you were at college. They claim that the other person says that you took advantage of them when they hadn’t given you their consent to do so. Or perhaps they claim that you drugged them or got them so intoxicated that they didn’t know what was happening. 

The thing is, you are completely sober the entire time. You know that what they’re saying isn’t true. They were also interested in the encounter. You don’t deny that the two of you were together, but you do deny that any sort of criminal activity took place. Why would they lie about this? 

There are actually a lot of different reasons to consider 

It seems to you that it’s absurd that this person is making up stories about what occurred, but there are many reasons that it could happen. For instance, some people who make up these types of stories are just seeking attention or sympathy from others, and they know that’s how they can get it. 

In other cases, the person may feel regretful about what occurred. Perhaps they already had a significant other who later found out that they were not faithful to the relationship. Rather than admitting that they were with you by choice, they invented a story about you forcing them to do something against their will. They’re just trying to save face – and their relationship. 

Every case is unique, of course, so these are merely examples of what may be happening behind the scenes. What’s important is that you know what criminal defense options you have when facing these accusations.